Monday, October 5, 2015

Staff Meeting Journaling

Journaling-My Life in 7 Stories…

Traveling has never been my passion of destiny.... however in this new role of educating other teachers it has allowed me the ability to travel. When I left my role as an English and Social Studies teacher in 8th grade to become Librarian I didn't expect it to expand my view as it did. I knew I wanted to affect the entire school, however, I didn't know I would see the other side. In education the other classrooms, curriculum's and other programs can remain a mystery. Some times you think that they have it easier.... but after switching I realize it wasn't easier or harder but different. As a classroom teacher I did not have to deal with everyone... some crazy teacher would not take over my space to create a "Haunted House" or a "Stage" for a play... (I did that by the way and how he did not kill me I have no idea) In the librarian position I was responsible for a 20,000 budget and being in the middle of every student, teacher and team. So it wasn't better... or worse.... just different

That has continued in my current job as well in integrated technology.

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