Monday, November 16, 2015

My life in seven stories

I would look at my live in the relationship to my pets... more precisely my dogs.   Growing up I never really "owned" my own dog.  It was a family pet....  I had family pets growing up but when you live on a farm you learn the harsh realities quickly.   My pet cow Sleepy was wonderful and for a huge creature she was so gentle.   She received her name because while my father would milk the cows and I would sleep on her.  Livestock is NOT a pet however.... and off she went when the time was right.    Maude my pet chicken and Fluffinutter by bunny would snuggle but all ended their lives in the flattened position.

As I grew up and became more independent we got the first dogs I remember and played with.  They were Basenjis....

Sadie Found Wife

Sally Found Job

Sarah Moved to new job

Silas and Sybill Home

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