Monday, November 16, 2015

My life in seven stories

I would look at my live in the relationship to my pets... more precisely my dogs.   Growing up I never really "owned" my own dog.  It was a family pet....  I had family pets growing up but when you live on a farm you learn the harsh realities quickly.   My pet cow Sleepy was wonderful and for a huge creature she was so gentle.   She received her name because while my father would milk the cows and I would sleep on her.  Livestock is NOT a pet however.... and off she went when the time was right.    Maude my pet chicken and Fluffinutter by bunny would snuggle but all ended their lives in the flattened position.

As I grew up and became more independent we got the first dogs I remember and played with.  They were Basenjis....

Sadie Found Wife

Sally Found Job

Sarah Moved to new job

Silas and Sybill Home

Monday, October 5, 2015

Staff Meeting Journaling

Journaling-My Life in 7 Stories…

Traveling has never been my passion of destiny.... however in this new role of educating other teachers it has allowed me the ability to travel. When I left my role as an English and Social Studies teacher in 8th grade to become Librarian I didn't expect it to expand my view as it did. I knew I wanted to affect the entire school, however, I didn't know I would see the other side. In education the other classrooms, curriculum's and other programs can remain a mystery. Some times you think that they have it easier.... but after switching I realize it wasn't easier or harder but different. As a classroom teacher I did not have to deal with everyone... some crazy teacher would not take over my space to create a "Haunted House" or a "Stage" for a play... (I did that by the way and how he did not kill me I have no idea) In the librarian position I was responsible for a 20,000 budget and being in the middle of every student, teacher and team. So it wasn't better... or worse.... just different

That has continued in my current job as well in integrated technology.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Comments on Chapter 1 Developing Professional Capital in Education Systems through Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy

THE Whole not the part

but look at the perspective of each mouse

Feel Safe

collective efficacy (vs individual autonomy)

We are compartmentalized

Standardized Test divided by subject areas

Math test
LA test
Science Test
...Social Studies...

then meet in Subject, Teams, Grade

We all get better or NONE can't separate yourself from it

Single Loop learning (acting then reflecting on action)

Double Loop Learning (both action and reflection affect teaching)

Stable allotted time....

All pro development has been TPEG, SLO....


Monday, August 31, 2015

Staff Meeting #2 - Writing

1990 - "Re met" my future wife Debbie
From Dogs - Friends

Love is fickle.... some times you need your heart ripped from your chest while the former love of your life shows you your beating heart while she smiles.   Oh... that smile....  how something so sweet could be so deadly all at same time.     Yet in that moment unbeknownst to me it is when my heart was ready for love.     It was at one of those college movies they show....where you squash into uncomfortable lecture sets to have something to do on a Friday night.    I had reluctantly agreed to accompany some friends to the showing of "A Time to Kill"  it was more to help a buddy scam on a girl then anything else.   My heart was still tender from the ripping it took... especially when my former girlfriend who had said it was her not me and she needed time had started to date another guy I knew.   As we sat chomping on stale popcorn we meandered through a variety of inane topics until finally I saw her.    I know it might be cliche but I honestly believe all sound stopped.... silence.... nada nothing.   Debbie... was there... I had know her from 8th grade on and we were obnoxious acquaintance, I was obnoxious and she knew me.   We were those school friends where you are in class together and friendly but would never call each other friends.    She had walked in with a few of her friends and thankfully I saw her.   She had dated a kid I knew from my home town and they had broken up and he had told me some convoluted story which didn't ring true.   I had tried to find her knowing her dorm but not the room number... but with no names on doors it was a desperate act of futility. Yet her she was in all her glory.... tan pants with a white button up shirts with her gorgeous hair....  I swear there was a spot light on her.   I was able to muster up the courage to do some small talk trying to figure out with what happened but alas life goes on and the dam movie started.   In the dark I stared in her direction ignoring the movie going on.  And then loves fickle arrow took a shot.   The movie messed up.... crunch..... snap..... nothing.     Darkness.... and in that blackness she stood up to go.   "She you" I said in the dark... she later told me she knew I was going to come see her when I said that.    As they shuffled out I made sure my friends were ok and sprinted to her room to see her.   So from one week going from "if you love something snap its neck" to holy crap she is AWESOME... love is fickle.....   and to beat it all at a dance with her the old flame tried to rekindle.    But I said no I'm good my heart is in the right location now.... good luck with that.    And the rest is history..... never did get to see the movie but the outtakes were awesome.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pulling Together Inspirational Movie - Movie

Pulling Together Inspirational Movie - Movie


1969 - Born

1982 - Drum Corp

1987 - Graduated High School

1990 - "Re met" my future wife Debbie
From Dogs - Friends

1991 - Got Sadie
From Sadie

1992 - Graduated

1992 - First Teaching Job Oxford Hills Middle School

1992 - Found Mustang!

1993 - Bought 1st House

1998 - Finished Grad School while coaching middle school soccer / basketball

1999 - Got Sally

From Dogs - Friends

2004 - switched to be Librarian

2006 - switched districts to RSU19  teaching Integrated Technology

2008 - Got Mustang Running

20011 - Bought New House
From House Pics

20013 - Got Silas

20014 - Got Sybil

20015 -